Soccer Jocks – Soccer Jocks of Professional Soccer

Soccer jocks are a common term associated to professional players who belong to the elite clubs of the sport. The word jock refers to male athletes who are considered as stars or very popular. The term is a stereotype most often distinguished with the following characteristics of a player:

  • A player who is in relationship with a beautiful and prominent woman.
  • A player who possess a muscular body.
  • A very popular figure in his chosen field of sport.
  • Admired and adored by many girls.
  • Among the best player in the team.
  • A player who have the most number of fans.

In the sport soccer, there are some of the professional players who belong to the class of soccer jocks. David Beckham is one of these players who managed to succeed in his career as an athlete. Beckham is from England and had played for the Manchester United who is considered as an outstanding player and have proven his exemplary skills. He is considered an icon in the sport which made him very rich and famous.Another one is Rafael Marquez from the Mexican national team who has started his career at the age of 17. He was able to impress many of his colleagues with his talent. When he joined FC Barcelona, he was able to contribute to the numerous success of the team.

These jocks of the sports will always be idolized by many of the soccer fans in the world. They also serve as an inspirational to aspiring players of the favorite game on earth.