Soccer is Not an American Game – That’s Not a Bad Thing

football is the world’s game. I don’t think it will ever be America’s game because it doesn’t fit our personality. As I grow older, I’m beginning to appreciate the game more and more. It is called the beautiful game. In America, though it’s just called a game. One most could do without. Or, one that people will look at every four years because the rest of the world is so crazed about it. A game that divides people in this country but unites them every where else. I’m convinced most Americans don’t like the game simply because we don’t dominate it like we do every other sport. If America ever rose up and became a soccer giant, more people would like it, but only because it would be another thing to hang our hat on and say, “Look at us, we’re the best.”

When we started losing at basketball what did we do, we took the best basketball players and put them on a team together for two years so that when the olympics came we could slaughter everyone by 30 points. Make no mistake, this country celebrates winners. Our sports are our greatest past time. America invents sports. Not for the love of the game, but for the competition. We want to see who is the best. I have no doubt that if we were to solely focus on one sport, there is no country in the world that could compete with us. I don’t say that arrogantly, I say it as a fact. Soccer is the fourth most popular sport in this country. That means that our best athletes play 3 other sports. If those athletes were trained to play a single game like soccer at a young age like every other country, with the resources this country has I just don’t think another country could compete.

It’s also kind of why I hope soccer never catches on in this country. We like sports with scoring. We like basketball because two teams will combine for 200 points. We like offensive football games. We like high scoring baseball games. We like offense. Soccer isn’t like that. It’s beautiful in that the only true way to watch a game is to be there. There are no timeouts, there is no stoppage. There aren’t a ton of goals scored. If you blink, you will miss it. It’s the build up. It’s watching a goal develop and then being let down by a near miss. When you score a goal in soccer, you have accomplished a great thing. You can score 20 points a game in basketball and have an off night. You can throw 3 touchdowns in an American football game and have it be considered mediocre. You can get two hits in baseball, but if you don’t get them at the right time it’s not enough. A goal in soccer is good for the whole game. A goal in soccer is not a single event like a hit or touchdown or basket. A goal in soccer represents the culmination of several different skills, the ball being in the right place with a pass, a person being in the right place running without the ball, a defender being in the wrong place by not being in position and a little bit of luck that it all comes together at the same moment. It may only happen a few times a game.

Soccer in other countries is the closest thing I can compare to southern college football. The passion. The singular nature of the sport. Living in the south for so many years, I can tell you that people care about the other professional sports, but there is only one allegiance that matters, and that’s to your college football team. It’s not about the names, it’s not about the particular plays of the game. It’s about the rivalries. In a rivalry game, you don’t care if it’s the ugliest win ever…you just want to win. Success is measured by how you do in those games. In both sports, the people in the stands are part of the team. After every touchdown in a college football game the band plays and the entire stands sing in unison. In soccer, the crowd sings in unison at every game. After every game, the players interact with the fans. In soccer, they make their entrance with a child, it’s symbolic of the next generation of players that will come after them. They are all one team. The players are just extensions of the people, doing what they can’t with their God-given natural ability and hard work. Soccer and American college football would have thousands of people if their teams never won a game. South Carolina a few years ago sold out every game, 80,000 people, to see their team lose every game. The sport is part of it, but the bond you have with other fans is why you love it with these two sports.

Soccer isn’t made for TV. It’s another reason I think it will never catch on in our country. It’s a pure 90 minutes of non-stop poetry. It’s not built to have commercials put in to appease advertisers. A great soccer player is great even if his team’s not. He is one that people admire simply for his brilliance. It’s like watching someone’s mind work except you are seeing them do it with their feet. An American sports player is only hailed as great if he is a champion. In American football, Dan Marino was an unbelievable quarterback, but wasn’t considered the best because the team around him was sub-par. He could throw 5 touchdowns a game, but it didn’t matter if his defense gave up 6. He had no control over it. If he had a great defense and would have won a few superbowls, he’d probably be considered the best ever. He held all the records at the time he retired. He did everything he could possibly do at his position to help win the game, but at the end, he’s just considered, “one of the top quarterbacks.” He held every record. That meant that he played the position better than any other player. No one in soccer would ever say that the best goaltender who allowed the least amount of goals and made the best stops wasn’t the best simply because his team couldn’t score.

At the end, soccer is a beautiful game. It’s much like life, it takes teamwork. There is acting involved, to try and build ones reputation. Trying to pretend like someone hurt you worse than they did to get sympathy. Most of the game is spent in toil. Most is spent seemingly running endlessly. Most of the shots are misses. It’s a defensive game. People protect their prized possession, their own goal, with everything they have. In life, we all find more failure than success. Success can sometimes be a great individual effort, sometimes be being in the right place at the right time, and sometimes be a mistake by an opponent, like helping us score without doing a thing. The goal builds slowly, but happens suddenly. When it happens. It takes time to process. It’s never an immediate reaction. There is shock involved. There is surprise that it actually worked out. There is jubilation and at the end you celebrate with the people that made it happen.

8 Things You Did Not Know About Gareth Bale

Gareth Frank Bale is a footballer from Wales. Bale was born on 16th July 1989. He plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid as a winger. He appears in the Wales national team. Recently, Gareth Bale transfer deal with Real Madrid and his playing abilities have lent him a world-wide fame. Since his debut in 2006, when he was just 16 years old to this day, he has been a pivotal player for his team. Here are a few things you did not know about Gareth Bale.

8 Things You Did Not Know About Gareth Bale

He Was Just 16 When He Debuted

Gareth Bale height was nearing 6 feet when he played for his school. He feared that he would be not allowed to play on the basis of his height which was more than his age group boys. Gareth Bale girlfriend met Bale when he was 14 or 15. Gareth Bale was only 16 years old when he played his first match for his club and country. He played for Southampton and Wales. He is the second youngest player to debut for the club at the age of 16 years and 275 days. Gareth Bale instagram shows that epic time.

He is preceded by Theo Walcott A month later; he made his international debut on 27th May 2006. Bale has won 48 caps for his country and scored 14 goals. For non-footballers, a cap is a term that is used to denote the player’s appearance in a game. Football is interchangeably used with Soccer in North America. Since Gareth Bale transfer in 2013 to Real Madrid, it was his seventh year of playing with the club. Now Gareth Bale jersey with eleven number has become his trademark, literally.

The Most Expensive Footballer In History

Bale would play for Tottenham Hotspur. In 2014, he moved to Real Madrid with a record breaking fee of £85.3m. Gareth Bale transfer made Bale the costliest player in football history. The superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was the most expensive player of Real Madrid. Although, the club tried to hide the fee the Spanish media reported the fee was £77m, but the English media reported that the fee broke the record held by Cristiano Ronaldo of € 94m. The deal out shined the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Kaka. Some experts say that the new deal between Barcelona and Neymar has broken this record. But anyway, he is one of the most expensive footballers of all time. The super star is earning staggering £256,000 a week with his iconic Gareth Bale jersey.

Bale Played on Left-Back

Bale is considered the most amazing winger at the club. He is famous for his agility with his feet and unexpected speeding up which keeps the defenders restless. Interestingly, Bale has not always been on the wing. When Bale began playing in Southampton, he would play as a left back. As he progressed further, he developed into an effective offensive player. Now, with his amazing ability to strike the ball from a distance, acceleration and free kicks, Bale has received appreciation from his peers and managers. He is famous for his remarkable use of left foot since his childhood apart from Gareth Bale height which favors him during head shot. He would torment the opposition with agile use of left foot. His PE teacher in Cardiff had to write new rules to restrict his use of left foot. His sports abilities made possible Gareth Bale transfer to Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale Is Not the Only Footballer of His Family

Gareth Bale’s family had another member who would play football. His uncle Chris Pike played professional football for clubs such as Fulham and Cardiff City. He earned more than 250 caps for different clubs. His uncle found the talent in his nephew when he was only eight or nine years old. He told the media that his young nephew would beat him at a cross bar challenge. Pike was still playing for Cardiff City when he made the discovery it was a long time before Gareth Bale transfer to Real Madrid.

Gareth Was a Promising Athlete in Teenage

Gareth played a variety of sports. He played rugby, hockey and football. He excelled at athletics. Gareth Bale body was perfect for tough sports. When he attended the White church High School in Cardiff, he ran the 100 meter sprint in 11.4 seconds. It is only a second or so slower than the current record set by Usain Bolt. Due to his agility and skillfulness in sports, his PE teacher had to bend the rules for restricting Bale for not playing one touch football or to use his left foot. Gareth is known for his remarkable use of his left foot. His well built physique and 1.83 m or 6 feet height attest these facts. The skills continued and got improved after Gareth Bale transfer to Real Madrid.

The Exclusive Group of Young PFA Players

In 2013, Gareth Bale became member of the PFA youngest player group. Besides him two other players have the privilege of being the PFA Player and Young player of the year. Cristiano Ronaldo and Andy Gray hold this position prior to Bale. Cristiano Ronaldo, like Gareth Bale transfer was acquired by Real Madrid with world record fee, then. Bale along with them won the two awards in the same season. PFA is the Professional Footballer’s Association. It gives PFA Young Player of the Year award to the players under the age of 23 or younger who are considered as the best player of the season. Gareth Bale instagram photos shows the group members.

Hefty Advertising Deals

Besides his 15 million GBP salary, the star makes extra income from advertising deals. Gareth Bale height and muscular physique make him no less than a model. The footballer from the Wales did ads for Adidas. Gareth Bale body with 6 packs is prominently featured on billboards and the Internet. He had a promising deal with EA Sports, Lucozade and BT Sports. These advertising deals gave the star additional income of £10 m every year. The star also holds the trademark of famous eleven of heart’s symbol. The Gareth Bale jersey has number eleven on it. Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale teammate has a similar CR7 trademark. This logo is planned to appear on footwear and clothing. This trademark would earn him additional £3 million a year. Fortune is on his side since Gareth Bale transfer to the new club.

Bale Has a Childhood Sweetheart

Bale’s partner, Emma Rhys-Jones is Gareth Bale girlfriend from childhood. She is 23 years old. They now are blessed with a daughter, Alba Violet. Bale dated Emma for more than a decade, long before Gareth Bale transfer deal and fame. The couple lives in Madrid. Emma prefers to play with her daughter and talk with Gareth. They are persistently asked to appear for photo shoots and TV shows, but Emma doesn’t seem interested in the glamorous life. You can have a glimpse of their lives on Gareth Bale instagram.


Gareth Bale is one of the most accomplished footballers. He could be termed as the most accomplished man. Bale is only 25 and in these years he has seen enormous fame. Gareth Bale body and height along with his sophisticated mannerism makes him super hot among women. He has become most expensive player when Gareth Bale transfer to Real Madrid. He almost broke the 100 meters sprint world record, when he was just 14. Gareth Bale girlfriend is a gorgeous looking lady. He earns more than 10 million GBP a year. And it is just the beginning. Gareth Bale is truly called the wizard of Wales.

Famous Football Players (Retired)

When Roger Federer wins Wimbledon or Tiger Woods hits a hole in one, their fans will respond with polite applause. But when Cristiano Ronaldo evades three defenders and puts the ball in the top corner of the gate, 100,000 crazy football fans lose their minds. There is just something about football that gets in your blood and fires up your passions, largely thanks to the amazing skill sets of some of the most famous football players to ever grace the field.

10 Most Famous Football Players (Retired)

This list is simply ordered by the birth year of each retired player.

1. Sir Robert “Bobby” Charlton CBE

Born: October 11, 1937, England

Clubs: Manchester United

Position: Attacking Midfielder / Forward

During his 20-year career, Bobby became famous for his exceptional stamina, his attacking and passing instincts and an epic long range shot. Spending almost his entire career playing for Manchester United and the England National Team, he was instrumental in Manchester United’s 1965 victory in the Football League, the English World Cup in 1966 and another Football League title in 1967. In 1968, he was Captain during United’s historic European Cup win and contributed 2 goals to the effort, making Manchester United the first England team to ever win the competition.


2. Pele

Born: October 23, 1940, Brazil

Clubs: Sanos, New York Cosmos

Position: Forward

Pele is a football player that is not only considered as the best, but also considered as the best player of the 20th century. He was awarded the Athlete of the Century in 1999. He also won the Intercontinental Cup in 1962 and 1963, the Copa Libertadores in 1962 and 1963, NASL Championship in 1977, and the championship of Sao Paulo, 11 times from 1950 to 1960. Over his gaming career, he scored 1281 goals and participated in 1363 games. What an extraordinary achievement!


3. Gerhard “Gerd” Müller

Born: November 3, 1945, Germany

Clubs: Bayern Munich

Position: Striker

Considered one of the greatest goal scorers of all time, Gerd was known for his clinical finishing, particularly when inside the penalty box. Gerd spent 15 years playing for Bayern Munich, during which time he scored 398 goals and was named 1970 European Footballer of the Year. In the same year, he scored 10 goals for West Germany in the World Cup, earning him the Golden Boot for most goals scored. He held the record of most goals scored during a World Cup for 32 years and is currently ranked 11th on the list of international goal scorers, even though he played fewer matches than any of the other top 25 players.


4. Johan Cruyff

Born: April 25, 1947, Netherlands

Clubs: Ajax, Barcelona

Position: Attacking Midfielder / Forward

Due to both his considerable skills as a player and his advocacy of the “Total Football” philosophy, Johan left his mark as one of the most famous footballer players of all time. Three time winner of the Ballon d’Or, he played a total of 520 games during his senior career, which spanned nearly 20 years. After leading the Netherlands National Team to the victory in the 1974 World Cup, he was awarded the Golden Ball, voted European Player of the Century and selected for the World Team of the 20th Century. His football playing philosophy was adopted by many famous clubs, including Barcelona, and is credited with Spanish football’s success in recent years.


5. Arthur Antunes Coimbra ‘AKA’ Zico

Born: March 3, 1953, Brazil

Clubs: Flamengo, Udinese

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Zico is considered to be one of the most famous football players of the late 70s and early 80s, renowned for his skills as a free kick specialist and talented playmaker, along with his uncanny ability to bend the ball in all directions. During his professional career, he played in Brazilian and Italian Leagues, as well as for the Brazilian National Team, where he kicked 48 goals and played in 3 consecutive World Cups. He was named Player of the Year in 1981 and 1983, as well as placed the 8th in the FIFA Player of the Century vote. Zico came out of a brief retirement in 1991 to join the new Japanese football league, where his prowess on the field earned him the moniker “God of Soccer”.


6. Michel Platini

Born: June 21, 1955, France

Clubs: Nancy, Saint-Etienne, Juventus

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Platini, who currently holds the position of UEFA president, was once called as Le Roi, “King” in French, because of his talented football skills and his leadership. He won the Ballon d’Or 3 times from 1983 to 1985. His team won the 1985 European Cup and the 1984 Euro Cup. And in the European Football Championship of 1984, he made a record of scoring in 9 goals within 5 games. Although 30 years has passed, there’s still no one who can break this record.


7. Diego Maradona

Born: October 30, 1960, Argentina

Clubs: Argentino Juniors, Boca Juniors, Barcelona, Napoli, Sevilla FC, Newell’s Old Boys

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Maradaona is considered as a great football player, despite that he has had issues with drugs. Though having a small size, he took it as an advantage, which made him move faster and change directions more quickly than any other players in his era. He has several titles under his belt, including the championship of the 1986 World Cup and Series A championship in 1987 and 1990, and the UEFA Cup in 1989 with Napoli.


8. Zinedine Zidane

Born: June 23, 1972, France

Clubs: Cannes, Bordeaux, Juventus, Real Madrid

Position: Midfielder

Zidane has been considered as a legend and is famous for his ball controlling techniques, which earned him the love from both his teammates and fans. He has been awarded the FIFA Player of the Year three times and the Ballon d’Or in 1998. In addition to these individual awards, he won the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 European football championship with French national team, and also won Champions League with Real Madrid in 2002 and two Intercontinental Cups in 1996 with Juventus and 2002 with Real Madrid.


9. David Beckham

Born: May 2, 1975, England
Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain

Position: Midfielder

A name that is famous around the world, David Beckham is the first England football player to win League titles in 4 different countries, as well as the first British footballer to play 100 Champions Leagues games. David holds the record for most appearances by an outfield player for the England National Team, which he captained for 6 years with 115 games in total, including 3 World Cups and 2 UEFA European Championship tournaments. He has twice been named runner-up for the FIFA World Player of the Year award and in 2004 was listed amongst the top 100 World’s Greatest Living Players.


10. Ronaldo

Born: September 18, 1976, Brazil

Clubs: Cruzerio, PSV Endhoven, Barcelona, Inter Milano, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Corinthians

Position: Forward

Ronaldo is best known for his speed and ball control skills. He can shoot precisely with either foot, which scared lots of goal keepers. He had once held the record for most scores during a World Cup game with 15 goals, until German player Klose broke this record in 2014 World Cup with 16 goals. He won the FIFA Player of the Year award 3 times. In addition, he won many team titles such as FIFA World Cup in 1994 and 2002, Spanish and Dutch League Championship, UEFA World Cup in 1997 and the UEFA Cup in 1998.

Euro Sport Soccer Accessories For Men and Women

Euro Sport soccer is composed of teams that are a part of Europe. They have shown the strength and their abilities well in the sport. Fans are so passionate that they will give their full support of the teams. Due to its popularity, there are many endorsers who partnered with their accessories and gears like Nike, Adidas, Umbro and Puma to name a few.

The sport shop has opened a wide variety since women are already into the game. This is a good opportunity for the producers to have their products to be available nationwide. Fans all over the world can purchase these items through online which are more accessible for them. They don’t need to go out of their house and shop.

From shoes to jersey and bags they have it all. Fans can find their items through online and in any sport stores. You can find jerseys of your favorite European player and also the other items they used during matches. Indeed Euro Sport soccer is a one stop shop for football fans. They have even jewelries for both sexes that have team’s logos and cool designs. Kid’s apparel are also available since kids at young age are now into football.

Sporty women will surely love it since there are pretty colored jerseys that are designed for them. These are exclusively all about the countries teams and clubs. There are many good buys in their online store that you can search those hard to find gears. You can also get discounts and avail on sale periods.

Soccer Scarves: Who Wears Them?

Soccer fans are die hard fans of the sport. They love the entire world cup and support this sport from sea to shining sea. The soccer fan is willing to support the sport in all conditions, rain, sleet, or snow everywhere across the planet.

The question is, why do soccer fans choose soccer scarves to indicate their loyalty for their favorite country or club football team? When wearing soccer scarves, what message could the fan be sending to the rest of the sporting world as well as their fans?

*Essential soccer item

A Soccer scarf could be the one accessory which soccer fans are uniquely identified. The soccer scarf is like a Boy Scout badge of honor for the die hard soccer fan spanning the world. This is a century old tradition beginning in England. Fans with the sport would adorn themselves using country or club soccer scarf and the new tradition rapidly spread across the globe to other soccer fans.


The football is recognized as the tool to learn the sport. Soccer scarves are known as the enduring cultural accessory between the fans. Soccer scarves generate pride from the following.

*Quiet understanding

A soccer game with stands full of fans wearing scarves is often a quiet understanding. The avid soccer fan knows when one wears the scarf, there exists a knowledge and appreciation for the tradition with the sport. There is not a noise machine to determine the quiet sound of fan culture. The fans with this sport demonstrate their loyalty for their team, their respect for their team, as well as their fascination with the sport by wearing the soccer scarves. This fan knows what to anticipate with the game. This fan knows the significance of your entire soccer game being played, not simply a half. This fan loves, understands, which is an unwavering supporter with the sport. Yes, this sort of feeling is demonstrated simply by wearing the soccer scarves.


Soccer scarves rise above the physical exercise of wearing the scarf. Just before and right after the playing of a soccer game, fans will raise their scarves high into the sky to indicate their pride for their country or club football team. This pre and post game activity is just about the universal language of solitude the soccer fans have for their country or club team.

There is not another sport around the world that has this amazing way to engage their fans. Soccer scarves are a necessary clothing item for soccer fans. Scarves have already been and will continue to be sold by the millions. Don’t expect to attend a country or club soccer game without showing your team pride and wearing your soccer scarf. In case you bring your loved ones, friends, co-workers, or clients, make sure you offer them soccer scarves. You will surely offend the avid soccer fan and check homeless without your scarf accessible.

This long standing tradition began centuries ago is maintaining growth. Fans will continually come together to indicate tradition, pride, complete and intimate understanding for the game, as well as fan comradery.

Can Soccer Help You To Meet New Friends?

Some people are shy, which makes it hard to develop meaningful friendships. Having friends is important because no one wants to be lonely and it is important to have someone to lean on when the times get tough. People who are interested in making new friends should consider playing a sport.

Soccer is a great sport for building lasting friendships because it requires people to work together as a team. Soccer can also help a person get in shape and have a great time while doing so.

Most friendships are developed based on common interest. Those who have a-lot in common in the field are likely to have a-lot in common of the field. Most people who play soccer together end up doing activities outside of this sport. It is important to make friends with people who are doing something positive and meaningful with their lives. Soccer is an activity that can be very life-enriching and give people something constructive. to talk about.

Many people today are concerned about the way their bodies look. Some people have tried various exercise programs and still have not gotten the results that they wanted. Playing soccer is one of the simplest ways that a person can get in shape. In fact, studies have shown people who play soccer can get in shape faster than those who jog on a regular basis.

A study was done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine and the results were that those who played soccer lost an average of 6 pounds while those who just jogged only lost 4 pounds. The reason that so many people are able to get in shape fast from playing soccer is because this sport incorporates interval training, which has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to burn fat.

One of the best things about soccer is that it allows people to have fun. People are constantly bombarded with stress from work, school and family life that it is hard to relax and have a good time. Soccer allows those who are stressed to sweat it out. That can help improve a person’s mental and physical health.

Soccer is more than just a sport; is something that can help change a person’s life for the better. It can help those who are shy build lasting friendships. It can also help those who are self-conscious about their bodies get in shape and have fun while doing so.

You can learn more about UK football trophies and professional sports, as discussed by Simon Barnett. This article may be used by any website publisher, though this resource box must always be included in full.